Web Diva Development
Tired of not Getting Things Done?
Want more free time and less workload? 
Want to do more with less resources? 

Let the "Web Diva" Develop a customized solution for growth and success in your life and business. 

What can I Automate?
  • Automate Office Tasks - Email, Excel, Powerpoints, PDFs, Printing, Security, Automated Bookkeeping, Downloading for Offline Reading....
  • Keeping Time - Tasks, Timetables, Reminders, Stop and Start Timers, Scheduling...
  • Marketing Automation- Email and Text Messaging, Manipulating Images, Social Media Posting & Scheduling, CRM Processes...

  • Auto Format Documents                No more cut and paste! 
  •  Find and Extract Data 
  •  Open, Read and Write Files 
  •  Organize Files 
  •  Reports
  •  Remote Print 
  •  Generate Surveys, Collect Data and Respond  
  •  Research the Web
  •  Transfer Contacts
  •  Log Time
  •  Schedule Tasks
  •  Launch Programs
  •  Send emails and text messages
  •  Format images
  •  Update and Search Excel
  •  PDF Additions and Extractions
  •  Sign and Fax
  •  Print jobs
  •  Download Data and Contacts
Be Informed
  • Workload automation and single step processes.
  •  Productivity strategies for teams, classrooms and individuals.
  •  Blog & social media content, organization and scheduling
  •  Gadgets, clouds, apps and all things IoT (Internet of things)
  •  The latest news and reviews on IoT innovations you can use today!

Get Things Done. 
Set it up and let it go.
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